Surround yourself with beauty.

The Bridges lies within the revered locale of Rancho Santa Fe, one of the most beautiful and prestigious destinations in the country. Originally an Indian Rancheria, the land was granted to Juan Maria Osuna in 1840. In 1906, a subsidiary of the Santa Fe railroad purchased the land for its eucalyptus forests as a source of railroad ties. Because the wood proved unsuitable for ties, in 1922 the Santa Fe Company hired architect Lillian Rice to plan and design a horse-oriented residential community, which later became a covenant for the preservation and enhancement of the ranch's beauty.

Today, as a testament to good planning and a respect for history and the environment, Rancho Santa Fe is one of the most sought-after places to live among wealthy Southern Californians. In fact, according to Census data from 2000, the percapita income of the community was ranked the highest in the nation.

Visitors are treated to an abundance of recreational opportunities, including botanical gardens and polo, horseback riding and boating clubs, to name a few. The community is also home to terrific schools, charming shops and fine restaurants, and actively supports charitable and educational organizations, cultural activities, live theater, art and music.